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Bought a new Tablet PC pen

The pen that came with my tablet is fat and more geared toward writing text than drawing of any kind. Lately, it’s been annoying me when I draw using it.

I’ve been very happy with my 12×12 Intuos Wacom tablet’s pen, but unfortunately, though Wacom makes both the Intuos tablet and the technology used in the Tablet PC, the pens are not interchangeable.

However, Wacom does offer a few pens on their site for Tablet PC users that are closer to the Intuos ones I love. I bought one on Amazon Monday for $35 or so.

So far it’s doing exactly what I wanted it to. I love it.

There is one small problem though, and that is that the stylus slot in my tablet it way too big for this new pen. Having to remember to carry this extra pen was not going to happen, and I would most likely lose it soon. So what I did was buy some velcro and added a small strip to both the pen itself and my travel portfolio case I carry the tablet it.

It works out pretty well, actully.

Here are some photos:

The Intuos pen (left) and the tablet pc pen (right)

A better shot of the velcro I added to the pen
pen detail: velcro

You can view more photos over at my Flickr set.

And finally, here’s a short video showing how the pen is taken on and off the case. That small strip is stronger than I thought.

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