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Inking on my new tablet pc

I finally got a tablet PC to use as my mobile drawing/inking/coloring pad. It’s an HP tc1100. Perfect size (just smaller than a sheet of paper), the keyboard detaches so I can draw right on the screen alone, lightweight, etc.

Since I was sick all last week I lost lots of drawing time for Broken Chain, but now I can work while on the train commuting in to work!

I took a few short video clips with my camera and put together a 3 minute video that shows me working on the book. Page 16, to be exact.

You can see me drawing a panel fresh (since I didn’t like the pencils I had done for that particular panel) and later, drawing over my pencils and coloring.

It’s a sneak peek into my work process and what’s been eating up all my nights.


Inking Broken Chain on a Tablet PC


  1. Nick wrote:

    Dear Aaron,

    This is simply fantastic. I have never seen a video of someone using a Tablet PC for art. Seen lot’s of finshed art, but never the process.

    What program are you using to draw? My artistic expressions has been through photohraphy. I wouldn’t mind try what you’re doing.


    Sunday, August 6, 2006 at 9:26 am | Permalink
  2. Hey Nick,

    I’m drawing in Flash 8 in that video. Well, I still do pencils on bristol board, but once that’s scanned in, I import into Flash and “ink” over it.

    If you just want to mess around with art on the tablet in general, I would highly recommend ArtRage: since there’s a free version and the more advanced version only costs $20.

    For sketching, nothing really tops Sketchbook Pro: That costs $180 though. But well worth it.

    Also, as a photographer, the tablet helps tremendously in photoshop touchups, etc. Just being able to edit directly on the image, as opposed to the disconnect you get using regular Wacom Intuos tablets.

    Sunday, August 6, 2006 at 12:22 pm | Permalink

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