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I posted this over at my livejournal already, but just in case you don’t have that bookmarked and RSS feeded up, I’ll post it here too…

I realized soon after I uploaded the PDF to Lulu for printing and ordered a proof copy, that I had forgotten to properly order the PDF pages, and insert blanks, etc.

Too late. So I have a proof copy of Broken Chain here now that looks fine, except for the fact that it’s all in the wrong order. So the title page is on the left of the 2nd page instead of on the right side (page 3).

No biggie. The correct copy will be here next week (those guys are insanely quick! I put this order in on monday, chose a pricey 2-day ups shipping option, and got the book today. 4 days for all that? Awesome) for me to OK before I go and order the full batch for SPX.

Anyhow, the book looks great. I love that it ended up being the size (in thickness) that I initially had planned. That sounds sort of dumb, but early on I remember not wanting it to be something that could be stapled. I love perfect bound books.

Here are some crappy, blurry cell phone pics since I’m too lazy to get my real camera to take photos.

That page on the left is supposed to be on the right. That page on the right is supposed to be on the next page….

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